So, you’re ready to make your mark on this social media world, and you’ve got the one idea that will change everything. The problem is, the idea is so out there, that who would be an audience for it?

Whether you are a designer or a writer or an artist, having a groundbreaking idea or a major talent is one thing, but forming an audience that likes the idea is the hardest part. However, there is an audience for everything, and a niche can be formed with a little effort and marketing.

First, take your idea down to its barest components and start to figure out who would like it. Who is your ideal follower? If you want to make statues out of food, then break it down. Statues are art, and food is generally loved by chefs. Every idea, no matter how obscure, can be broken down this way.

Once you’ve discovered the core concepts of your idea, then you have your niche(s) and can go about sharing your idea to those interesting groups. Look for popular or influential Instagramers that are doing what you are doing, or are in your niche.

Then comment on their posts, share their content, and even try to message them directly if they are open to that. Put yourself in their circle, and interact with them. If nothing else, your comments will always be linked to them and can allow people to click on your name.

Take a look at the hashtags and techniques that the influencers in your field are using, and try to mimic and otherwise use them yourself. Use those hashtags to find people who could join your audience, and reach out to them. Every single connection that you can make is valuable, so don’t be afraid to connect to others in order to influence yourself.

Once you have an audience, then don’t stop with the interaction. Treat the one commenter you have or the ten followers you have like the best things in the world because this not only causes them to continue to follow your work but to also bring in others and show that you are a caring and people focused person.

By liking, commenting, and sharing the photos and videos of other people in your niche, you increase the number of people following and liking your stuff. Those people will often have the same interests as you, and while it does take work, it will always pay off.

Buying Instagram likes and followers can also help increase Instagram follower counts and can funnel more people towards your account and niche, in addition to these tactics. Then, once your follower account swells large enough, you can delete some of the bought followers.

Just know that even on the hard days when it feels like no one is looking at your content or cares about your work, that there is an audience for everything and soon, they’ll be coming for you.

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