The cornerstone of Instagram photographs, and for anyone who wants their account to be liked, having good photos is the first step. But how do you take a good Instagram photo? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take fancy filters, an expensive phone, or the right time of day to snap a perfect photo.

Those factors help, but when it comes to snapping the perfect photo, sometimes other methods are required.

First, think about what the account will showcase. If the account focuses on landscapes and building shots, then a photograph of a meal just won’t work or showcase the same amount of passion. Always be sure to have a passion for the photos, and then the account will be able to get Instagram followers.

Having some patience also helps out, and most expert Instagram photographers don’t just raise their phones and take pictures, but instead take a moment to visualize the scene in their heads and use their eyes as a camera. Those seconds of observation can often allow the perfect picture to fall right into view.

The best photos on Instagram also have a clean look to them and have a certain element that can draw the viewer in. Whether that is a color, a person, or an action happening in the shot, it needs to be visible and needs to command the frame. For example, shooting a picture of a tall building draws the watchers to said building.

However, if a crowd of people doing several things is also placed in the shot outside the building, then the viewer’s eyes will more than likely be conflicted and torn between what to focus on first. Having one clear image is the best policy.

In addition, playing with angles and lighting will also help make images unique, especially if they are of common objects. Looking at flowers from below or a tree from on high can completely change the perspective of the shot, and using the capabilities of the phone’s camera to absorb light can provide some interesting shots and effects.

Finally, use the area and recognize that even bad days have their benefits. Using rain, low light areas, snow, and even white space correctly can all help keep things interesting and provide a spin on photographs that can make scrolling through the feed an act of discovery.

Using some imagination, creative thinking, and taking the time necessary to produce great images all allow for some great photos to be taken. With great and unique photos, comes the ability to build an audience and also to learn more about how to take great pictures. To help with building that audience, buying Instagram likes could also provide a jump start.

Remember, instead of snapping a dozen pictures all at once and hoping that one is Instagram worthy, taking the time to see the picture visually and using the environment that’s around will often make the one picture that is taken be worthy for any and all social media.

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