Selfies are everywhere in modern media and culture, and most people can’t turn around without bumping into one. Some are nice looking, others terrible, and most of them could be a lot better to stand out from all the others on the internet.

To make the photos Instagram worthy, it takes a little bit more than simply snapping forty photos and hoping one is the best. So, to stand out from the crowd, feel free to use some of these selfie tips to really shock the internet.


Manipulate the body

When it’s time to take a perfect selfie, be sure to genuinely smile. Think of something silly or funny and let that smile loose, rather than having a smile with no meaning behind it. In addition, be sure to push the head out. This allows for a sharper jawline and the neck to take complete focus and moving the shoulders down also keeps things relaxed and calm.

Relaxing the mouth by exhaling through it can also help keep the muscles in the mouth relaxed, and allows for a better smile, pout, or another expression.

Take the time to find the best lighting

Lighting is everything in the photo world, include the selfie-focused world. Natural light helps to accentuate the skin and helps to make everything more illuminated and beautiful.

So, moving around the room, heading outside, and trying different levels of natural light in the room can be worth it once the correct level is discovered. Then those photos will definitely show you how to gain followers on Instagram, as much like moths to a flame, followers are attracted to good selfies, especially if you buy followers to boost your numbers and credibility.

Know when to edit

Sometimes using the tools of the camera, such as the flash bulb, or even using editing apps and filters can provide some needed help. If the photo is being taken in an area with little light, a bright flash can help the camera catch a face. Then the editing tools can ensure that the flash’s effects are toned down.

Using other filters, editing software, and other apps can really touch up a selfie before it is sent out into the wider world.

More can be more

Sometimes the best thing to do when the slow-paced snapping of photos won’t help is to go nuts and snap a lot of photos! Doing burst photos or simply filming the photo session for a minute and then freezing the frame over screenshots can often help in the search for the best one. When in doubt take a lot!

Just keep snapping away

Selfie taking is an art, and like any art, it requires some practice and expertise. So, if the first hundred selfies that are taken aren’t that great, then simply adjust the lighting and take a hundred more! Sooner or later the perfect selfie will be landed, and when it is, the social media world won’t ever be the same.

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