A good Instagram biography is one of the first things a user sees while on your account, so it’s probably worthwhile to ensure that the bio good before you set it free to attract Instagram followers. While a bio might seem super easy, there are some skills that separate the good Biographies from the mediocre.

First, always be sure to input your real name or the name of your company. This will ensure that the people searching you up can not only find you easier but can also be assured that it is your work and not a fake account or an account using your internet name.

Be aware that Instagram uses your Instagram name along with the real name in search engines, so they need to both be correct if people are searching for you with that name. Your name can also include your niche, such as ‘John Smith, industry leader and speaker’ or something to that effect if you have a common name.

Then the bios explain your business and skills, so feel free to share any hobbies, interests, or the niche of your business to further showcase what you are about. This also reflects on your account as a whole, so try to keep the basis of your account in mind when it comes to sharing your skills. Don’t be afraid to show off your personal and professional skills!

Then use keywords, while they won’t make your page any more likely to appear in search engines, they can provide a quick way for you to share what the page is about. Potential followers will also be able to scan the keywords and decide if they are interesting enough to follow.

If the keywords focus on your niche and the content of your Instagram page, then they will be even more valuable to help you grow Instagram followers. So be sure to pick your keywords carefully and start using ones that really demonstrate your content.

In addition, sharing emails and links to a personal website or blog in the bio is also highly recommended. A secondary website allows for followers to better engage with your content and also connect with you and your brand directly. Emails are also easier to engage with than DM’s or personal messages, so giving followers that extra method of contact can really help out.

Finally, have some fun! Use emoji’s, fun photos, and a stylish logo or profile picture to inject some humanity into the profile, and don’t be afraid to show off your real personality. Buy some likes and followers to bring real followers to the core, and don’t give up if you aren’t an overnight success.

If you are enjoying the work you do and are injecting authenticity and joy into every photo and share that you do on Instagram, then the popularity will follow you. So make sure your bio can draw in as many people as possible, and then let the content keep them there.

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